Oil and Gas workers willing to move anywhere for the right remuneration and opportunity
Monday, Nov 19, 2012

Two thirds (66%) of Oil and Gas workers would be prepared to work anywhere, including emerging markets, for the right career opportunity and remuneration, according to research* released today by oil and gas recruitment specialists, Change Recruitment Group.

A further fifth (21%) said they would consider it but confessed to having concerns about security issues with some locations.

A fifth of Oil and Gas professionals (19%) feel that their career has either stood still or gone backwards over the past two years, with two fifths (42%) thinking that their career would have progressed further had the UK not seen a recession.

Laura Drysdale, Change Recruitment’s international managing director said: “There are significant opportunities, both in established and emerging markets for workers willing to take the plunge. For many, it is not just about the remuneration benefits, but the lifestyle and opportunities to progress careers much faster.

“The tough job market in the UK has certainly peaked interests in moving abroad for many young workers with big ambitions. We are currently seeing demand for candidates in Africa and the Middle East.”


Source: Change Recruitment

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